Thursday, January 9, 2014

Destination Wedding: Where To Start

So the first decision you’ll have to make is what’s important to you.  How many people do you want to go with you all?  Does this matter?  Are you okay if it’s just you and a few friends or would you like to invite more people?  What are resort must haves vs. would like to have (there's a difference). Do you want children to attend?

You must address this question before you find your place because it may alter where you want to search.  For us, we wanted about 30-50 people to go.  We also didn’t want the trip to be over $1100/person for them.  So instead of Turks and Caicos, which was our first choice, we're going to Dreams Riviera in Cancun, Mexico on the Riviera Maya. (If you're considering this resort, stay tuned.  I shall my pros and cons in a later post.)  It has most of what we loved about Turks and Caicos for half the price for our guests.  It's also kid-friendly, which was a must for me because of my nieces, nephew and god-son.    
I’m not saying that you should base your decision solely on everyone else.  However, for me it was important that we had all of our close family and friends, so I wanted to consider that when selecting the place and setting the budget per person. Currently we have about 60 guests attending.
So grab the fiancĂ© and have a real conversation about what's priority for you two.  That will help you when searching for the perfect venue space.  
Happy Destination Planning


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Planning a Destination Wedding? So am I!

Planning a destination wedding?  So am I!  Kennique Linens & Events owner by day and destination bride by night!  November 8, 2014 to be exact.  The selected location is the beautiful Dreams Riviera in Cancun, Mexico on the Riviera Maya. 

There's nothing I enjoy more than helping brides create amazing experiences, and I know first hand how overwhelming planning a destination wedding can be, especially if you're extremely picky and a perfectionist (yes I'll admit it)!  So, as I advance throughout this journey, I'll share the good, the bad and the not so fun.  From one destination bride to another!

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First word of advice. 
Register with Best Destination Wedding (BDW) at  It's by far one of the best forums for brides planning a destination wedding that I've found.  You can search forums by your resort or create your own to begin networking with other brides getting married at your venue. In most cases you will not work directly with the venue coordinator until about three months prior to your wedding which, depending on your personality, can be a little annoying.  However, this forum allows you to engage with brides that may have the answers to many of your questions and ease some of your anxiety.

You can also find very detailed vendor and experience reviews, including pictures.  Amazing! 

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Happy Destination Planning!


Next Up:  Should you hire a local Wedding Planner to help you? 

Friday, December 6, 2013

Pantone 2014 Color of the Year

Two words.  Love it! 
Pantone, the authority on color, announced the 2014 color of the year.  Radiant Orchid!  I absolutely adore this!  If you remember last year's color was the lovely Emerald Green, however it wasn't really a consumer favorite.  We're hopefully that this one takes off.
It's absolutely stunning in Lamour Satin.  Call or email for  more information!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Extreme Crushed Wave at Kennique

We've added to our collection this beautiful Extreme Crushed Linen.  This beautiful table design includes floral design Unique Creations by Amalia and one of our favorite elegant vintage themes.  Photography: ShanStar Photography

Monday, June 17, 2013

Why Hire a "day of" Event Coordinator?

Hiring a professional wedding coordinator to organize and manage details the day of your wedding can save your sanity and help to ensure that each and every detail is carried out.  
(FYI - There are very few professionals that offer true "day of" coordination.  Why?  Because it's like walking into traffic with a blind fold on.   In most cases "day of" coordination is actually "month of" coordination which may start anywhere from 4-5 weeks out.)
In a survey by and the International Institute of Weddings, 75% of married brides who did not use a wedding coordinator for their weddings said that based on their experiences, if they had to do it over again, they would hire a wedding coordinator to assist with the planning and be on hand to supervise the wedding day itself. 49% reported that if they could only change one thing about the entire wedding, this would be the thing they would do differently. 
Make It Count Because There Are No Do-Overs
Here’s the reality, there are no do-overs.  Once the day is gone it’s gone.  Too often, brides rely on family and friends to help carry out plans on the day of their wedding. By asking a friend or family member to take on this stressful task you’re taking away from their experience as a guest, and contrary to the bride’s on Bridezilla the last thing you want is for your guests and bridal court to feel like their part of your “event staff”.    
Your job is to enjoy the day and be in the moment.  Your coordinator is responsible for handling all of these details; they’re the main contact for all vendors/service providers (including working on your behalf with your venue), responsible for ensuring that your design details are executed, troubleshooting issues WHEN they arise, developing and overseeing your event timeline (which is critical because that’s the GPS for all your special moments), etc. 

What about my venue’s event coordinator?  Is that the same as a “day of” coordinator?
In most cases, the venue coordinator is the person that takes care of logistics for the venue, which is priceless.  But keep in mind, that’s generally as far as their services extend.  When you hire a "day of" coordinator, this person works for you.  Their overall goal is to ensure that everything goes off without a hitch (hence the need to come onboard at least a few weeks prior to your event).  They also ensure that desired customs/wishes are executed, they mediate disputes and/or issues, work with your different vendors to ensure and oversee a smooth installation and break-down, they create a formal and detailed timeline that becomes the blueprint for your event, and most importantly they ensure that all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed!  I’ve witnessed more times than I’d like to count what happens when there’s no captain running the ENTIRE ship the day of the event.  Moments are missed, certain guests are forced to “help out” and the experience is only a fraction of what it could have been.  Remember, there are no do-overs.   

How much does "month of" coordination cost?
As with most things, this will vary.  It varies based on the size of the company, experience, years in the business, etc.  From our research in the DFW area the cost may range from $800 - $2000.  Many of your vendors may offer "day of" coordination as well, this includes caterers, florists, designers, linen companies, etc.  These particular vendors see first hand what happens when there is no one running the ship, so many have added this service to their offering to better support the needs of their client.  They may also provide you with a package discount.  For example, at Kennique, Kennique Linens' clients receive $200 off our "day of" coordination package.  If you're not currently working with a planner, you can learn more about our package at

What should I look for if I want to hire a "month of" coordinator?
The person you hire should be someone that you're comfortable with.  Now of course, ask about their experience, ask for references and pictures of their work.  I'm big on formal training so get some information on classes they've taken or certifications received.  However, let me say this, a formal certification is not required for someone to be an excellent coordinator, nor does it guarantee that they'll be great to work with. 

If you're considering adding this as an additional service with one of your vendors (i.e. florists, caterer, linen company, etc.), check out their reviews.  What do their clients say about them?  Look for common themes that give you some insight as to what it would be like to work with them. 

Happy Planning!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Diva Glam Experience (Houston, TX)

While we love our brides, there's something special about creating a day to remember for our younger clients.  We were hired to create a DIVA Glam experience for this little 9 year old beauty.   She was transitioning from a little princess, to what she called a "pre pre teen."  LOL

At Kennique, we believe that celebrations should have a minimum of two unique experiences.  This Diva Glam experience actually had three!  The day begin with an kid approved Italian brunch with her closes friends and family. The birthday girl and her guests were then swepted away in their very own limo to the Tinkled Pink Party Palace dress-up, tea and of course a Diva fashion show.  The evening concluded with a "bestie" slept-over. 

And, Kennique was there every step of the way.  From the Save-The-Date magnet keepsakes created for guests and family to the last little diva left the following morning.

Here are a few pics from Kristion's Diva Glam experience...

Magnet Save The Date mailed to family and friends.
Invitations were designed as tickets
(Address modified for this sharing)

Table set for the little DIVA's brunch.


Table set with our flocking damask and custom chargers.

No Diva is complete without her chariot - A limo took the birthday girl and her
guests to the Tickled Pink Party Palace for dress-up, a fashion show and tea.

The birthday girl having a blast...isn't she lovely!

Dress up and fashion show.

Can't have a Diva Glam experience without tea time.
Tinkled Pink Party Palace in Spring.

Dress-up at the Tinkled Pink Party Palace

Our princess is now a DIVA!

Cake incorporated zebra print with matching

Monday, April 15, 2013

Blush, Rose and Cream - Wedding Inspiration

We had a blast this Sunday at the Arlington Bridal Expo. There are fewer color schemes as elegant and timeless as the lovely Rose, Blush and Cream. 

This sweetheart table includes Lamour Cream, Lace edging, and Rose napkins.  The cocktail table includes Rose Lamour with Lace Overlay.

Floran Design by: Unique Creations by Amalia

Sweetheart Table
Cream Lamour with Lace Edging and the fixings...

Floral Design by: Unique Creations by Amalia

Floral Design by: Unique Creaetions by Amalia

Bride's chair
This is actually the back of a chivari chair that includes a Lamour sash to accomodate a floral fold. 

Groom's Chair
Groom's Chair
Sash tie for floral addition